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Series One: The Binding of the Soulmates of Time
This series mostly focuses on Xena and Gabrielle after the episode Necessary Evil. The focus is on classic Xena and Gabrielle as partners and a slant on the Amazon Nation. Also it includes Janice and Melinda.

Series Two: Meeting in the Midst as One - CLOSED
Series Two branches off from the Hercules episode Warrior Princess in which Xena continues her legacy as a ruthless warlord. But this time, Gabrielle joins her on a mission to conquer Greece for the Greater Good.

Series Three: Putting the Puzzle Together
The premises in this series is simply love. Each stories tells a different way about how Xena and Gabrielle could fall in love. There are also ubers contained in here. Finally, the stories do not connect and can be read in any order.

Series Four: History is Fickle - CLOSED
Xena and Gabrielle are immortal thanks to Zues. The god has asked them to carry out an eternal mission to protect man-kind even if it means from themselves.

Series Five: The Rebirth - CLOSED
Series Five extends from Series 1 where Janice and Melinda have their own tales to tell. The partners focus their efforts on restoring the Amazon Nation after so many lost centuries.

Series Six: Thick as Blood
Gabrielle's daughter, Hope, returns from death and seeks out her mother. Xena and Gabrielle learn that Dahak is trying to return, and Hope swears she has changed and needs help to stop Dahak. Can it be possible that Hope has really changed for the better?

Series Seven: My Midnight Muses
Set in the wild west back in 1878, an infamous cowgirl nicknamed Little Lightening Landen is joined up with her partner Raleigh Baylor, a former Texas Ranger. Together, the gunslingers ride together and stumble into adventure wherever they can find it.

Series Eight: I, Stranger
A Conqueror based series that opens with Janice Covington being kidnapped to the Conqueror's realm. Janice and Melinda Pappas change the Conqueror and Rebel Gabrielle forever. The Conqueror and Gabrielle become more than allies and vow to change the darkened realm while discovering how many universes there are out there.

Series Nine: Destiny of Mine
An alternate Xena universe where Xena and Gabrielle meet as kids and become best friends. Eventually, Gabrielle is ripped out of Xena's life and becomes a slave. Xena vowes to find her best friend, but she soon slips into the darkness because she believes Gabrielle is dead. Now will destiny bring them back together, ever?

Mini Series One: The Reflection of the Mirror - CLOSED
Another Conqueror series that crosses over Classic Xena along with the Conqueror. Gabrielle's arrival in the Conqueror's world alters everything. Later, it's not only the Conqueror adjusting to the changes but also her realm.

Mini Series Two: Today's Partners of Destiny - CLOSED
A modern day series where the cow girl, Xena Dusk, is joined by the writer Gabrielle Troubadour. Xena Dusk is a mysterious cow girl from the west. Gabrielle becomes intrigued, but she learns that Xena does have a dusk past.

One Shots
The odds and ends of various types of Xena fanfiction. The fanfictions are a mix of uber, crossover, and classic.