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- One Shot -

The Seven Thousand Steps
Summary: Clarke Sky-Eye has been summoned to the Throat of the World. She is fated to live as the last of her kind, a Dragonborn. To learn about her fate, she must make it to the mountain and then climb the Seven Thousand Steps to High Hrothgar without dying first. By a blessing or destiny, Clarke is given help from a woman named Leksa.
Stats: Crossover. 100/Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Femslash. Clarke Sky-Eye/Leksa. 11,829 Words. Complete.
Chapters: Chapter 1

I'll Carry You Home Tonight
Based off artwork by Turtleduckie. Lexa's warrior, Anya, has gone on a hunt and does not return by the end of the day. A worried Lexa decides to search for her warrior even though Anya has repeatedly taught her that caring comes with a price.
Stats: Pre-Canon. Femslash. Anya & Lexa. Lexa/Costia. 3,756 Words. Complete.
Chapters: Chapter 1